Save-A-Vet Charity Riders By-Laws


  • To preside over meetings of both the executive board and the chapters as a whole
  • To judge items not covered in the rules & regulations
  • Directorship gives the president authority to judge items not covered by the rules & regulations
  • To act as a personal represenative of the chapter in the area of public relations, as a liason between regional and national business, and Save-A-Vet nfp Inc., Board Members and local veteran groups.
  • To represent the chapter in any chapter related business contacts and supervise major changes and activities.
  • To assist the regional & national chapters in interpretation of the chapters responsibilities, and to promote the chapters rules & regulations among the members in general.


  • To assume responsibility of the presidency when the president is unable to do so.


  • To record and safguard the minutes in the chapters meetings and to report these to ther National Recorder.
  • To maintain the chapters rules & regulations, recording any additions, deletions or modifications.
  • To handle any chapters correspondence.
  • To monitor and record the chapters income & expenditures and to report these to ther National Recorder.
  • To collect the dues and loans owed by the chapters members.

Sergeant at Arms

  • To plan the travel routes and organize the basic itinerary of the chapter prior to attendaning any sanctioned events.
  • To lead the chapter in formation while participating in any sanctioned events.
  • To enforce chapter rules & regulations for all members during any sanctioned events.
  • To designate support vehicles for all sanctioned events.
  • To maintain order at all chapter meetings and activities in general.
  • To ensure that all members adhere to the chapters rulings, policies and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members and outsiders.


  • Court will consist of all patch holding members that are eligible to vote.

Rules & Regulations

  • There are 3 mandatory meetings in each calendar year. 1 every four months. Unless  written permission has been obtained by chapter president.
  • There are 6 madatory sactioned events in each calendar year. 2 for every four months. Unless written permission has been obtained by chapter preseidnt.
  • Any member may present any event for vote for the following quarter, as long  as event is to benefit living military, law enforcement or first reposnder disabled veteran and event has been approved through Save-A-Vet nfp Inc.
  • All members must vote at each meeting to determine which 2 sanctioned events will be supported by that chapter for the following four months.
  • If a member is unable to attend any of the 3 mandatory meeting or 6 mandatory events they must first obtain written permission from the board and said member must make up said events or meeting by spending a day or activity benefiting disabled military, law enforcement or first responder veterans, which has been approved and documented by the chapter board of directors.
  • All members are required to pay all entry fees, registration fees or other fees associated with the 6 sanctioned events voted on by that chapter.
  • Loans are available from the chapter to ensure 100% participitation during the 6 sanctioned events. These loans are decided by the board, remain private between the board and individual and are on a base-to-base situation, but will be recorded.
  • There will be NO POLITICS or RELIGIOS discussed at chapter meetings or sanctioned events under any circumstances. This can result in immediate termination from the organization.
  • 3 mandatory meetings and are required for all voting members and are required  for board to published on their website at least 2 months prior to said meeting.


  • Chapter dues will be paid each year within 30 days of the anniversity of the members acceptance into the chapter.
  • Two months overdue can cause immediate termination and will require members to turn in theor colors.
  • Dues will be $60 for the first year and $25 for each additional year. Dues can only be paid on a year to year bases. Dues for first year will include colors, patches, rules & regulations handbook containing by-laws and other information, business cards and brochures to help promote the organization.
  • All loans will not exceed $100 per member unless permission is obtained by national board. Loans are issued only to ensire 100% participation for all sanctioned events and are approved by board on a case-by-case determination and will remain private between the board and said member.
  • All loans will be paid by the last day of that calendar year.
  • On the beginning of the following year, all funds are subject to be transferred to Save-A-Vet nfp Inc., for continued support. If funds are transferred to parent organization for contiuned support a written report of usage of funds will be issued to said chapter for distribution to all chapter members.


  • President gets colors from the National President when a new member signs up for that chapter.
  • Nothing is to be added to colors at anytime other than name or nickname and veteran if qualified under Save-A-Vet Charity Rider Definitions and may only be added in approved locations.
  • Save-A-Vet Charity Riders must wear colors at 3 mandatory meeting and 6 madatory sanctioned events.
  • 2 patches will be provided to new members and additional patches are available for purchse through
  • Members are authorized and encouraged to wear other club colors, jackets, vests and related clothing to sanctioned events as long as Charity Rider Colors are visible on both left and right shoulders, weather permitting.
  • When a member leaves the chapter they are required to turn over Save-A-Vet Charity Rider Colors to chapter president immedietly. Failure to do so can result in legal action against former chapter member.

Membership Qualifications

  • You must be an American Citizen.
  • You must be Military, Law Enforcement or First Responder Veteran under Save-A-Vet Charity Rider Definitions to wear "Veteran" patch above right side pocket. You are only authorized to wear "Veteran" patch, no branches, conflicts or similar.
  • All members must know the tru mission statements of, Save-A-Vet Charity Riders and their current status at all times.

Save-A-Vet Charity Riders Definations

  • Military Veteran: Has completed basic training, MOS Schooling and complete term of contracted service unless taken out early for being injured in the line of duty.
  • Law Enforcement Veteran: Has completed law enforcement training and has worked for a government law enforcement agency for at least two years of service unless taken out early for being injured in the line of duty.
  • First Responder Veteran: Has completed all state/federal required training for said position and has served for a government agency for at least two years of ervice unless taken out early for being injured in the line of duty.